Our school started working under the name “ child’s palace “ as an Arabic private school according to the decision of Cairo Governorate N. 237 in 1971. That was on 17 / 5 / 1971 and the school remained with this name for fourteen years, then it turned to a private language school with a decision of the directorate of education in Cairo N. 224 and on 7 / 7 / 1985 and the name of the school was changed to Saint Catherine language school. It remained with this name for twelve years. Then it was changed again with the decision of the special committee of education at directorate of education by a session on 27 / 5 / 1997. It was approved from the director of the directorate on 17 / 6 / 1997. To change the name of the school from Saint Catherine language school to B. Own Heliopolis Language School.